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Tofu65 case and plate foam set
Tofu65 case and plate foam set

Tofu65 case and plate foam set

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Case and plate foam for the Tofu 65 keyboard by KBDFans


Three PCB compatibility options:


DZ65RGB-ANSI v2   Build Album

KBD67 rev2 Build Album


4mm plate foam

2mm case foam

4mm battery well foam



- We have reason to believe that newer Tofu65 cases have been manufactured without the battery cutout.  

- We've designed the DZ65RGB-ANSI v3 case foam with gateron hotswap socket cutouts, as we believe that is what is actually being produced (despite the kbdfans website showing kailh sockets in their product photos).  If anyone has a v3 with kailh sockets, we'd love to know about it.