Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
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Hi everyone, 

Happy 4th of July!  In addition to running the fish as usual, we're pleased to announce a fun upgrade.  Our new laser, codename Carbon, has been fully up and running for a little over 2 weeks now and is performing beautifully.  While our old faithful laser, codename Mei, has done a solid job over the past year, Carbon is more accurate, more robust, cleaner, has RGB, and is black instead of silver.   

What does that mean for you all?  Foam with even cleaner and more accurate cuts.  

For us, it less time spent on maintenance, which probably allows us to drop our time to dispatch even further.  

If any of you were fans of Mei, don't worry, we're already designing an upgrade package to bring him up to our new standards, so he can get back to work.  

Hope you and your families are healthy and happy.


Fish and Nick


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