Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
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Please join our discord server to ask any other questions 

Q:  How long will it take to cut my foam?

A:  Everything on the website that is listed in stock is already cut and ready to ship.   If I run out of stock, it will show as out of stock and will not be available to purchase. 


Q: The product I want is out of stock, when will restocks happen?

A: We cut all our foams in house.  Under normal conditions restocks will happen within a day or two.   


Q: How long until my stuff ships?

A: We aim to ship out within 3 business days of receipt of an order.  Historically we've shipped 90%+ of our packages on the next business day.  


Q: Can you cut for [board X]?  How much will it cost?

A:  Please complete the IC form:  https://forms.gle/aXBvMY5rpZh8zBQeA

From time to time, I do accept custom orders, but they aren't cheap and for best results, you'll need to ship your board to me so I can prototype and make sure the foam fits nicely.  

Q:  Can you cut my plate foam out of a different thickness of foam than what you offer on your website? 

A: Generally speaking, yes.  I design for the stock build of a given keyboard and make my own judgment about what I think most people will prefer.  But, for example, if you were using a POM plate in a Brutal60, I can absolutely see why you might prefer 3mm plate foam vs the 4mm I offer on the website.  Please reach out via email or discord and I’ll do my best to accommodate.  

Q: I didn't receive a confirmation email or tracking number, help?

A: Check your spam please.  Shopify emails are frequently caught by spam folders.


Q: My package shows up at delivered, but its not in my mailbox, help?

A: Shockingly, USPS sometimes marks a package as delivered when it is not.  Usually it shows up the next day.  This happens more often than you'd think. 


Q: Hey, I got an email that my order shipped but USPS hasn't scanned it in yet.  What's going on?

A: We drop packages off in at our local post office where they have these large bins for bulk drop offs.  I don't know exactly when/where they scan them in, but it is by no means immediate.  If it has been several days, then PLEASE reach out - your package is likely lost - it is rare, but it does happen.  If it has been less than two full working days, please be patient. 


Q:  My USPS package seems stuck somewhere, is there anything you can do?

A:  We've seen this happen frequently during covid and during times of weather disruption.  Unfortunately, when we've reached out to USPS in the past, we were told there is nothing we can do but wait.  Please believe us that this causes us just as much frustration as it does you.  


Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Official policy is that cancellations are not accepted.  However, if you have indeed placed an order by mistake, please reach out ASAP and we will try to make an exception.  We still get hit with fees when you order and then cancel, so please don't treat us like we are amazon.  


Q:  Can I order just part of a set?

A:  Sadly no.  We don't have the logistics capacity to offer that at this time, nor do we intend to do so in the future.  


Q: Hey what's the difference between regular foam and PE foam and where do they each go?

Regular foam (case and plate) and PE foam serve two different purposes. Think it is generally understood that regular foam serves to 1) slightly dampen sound 2) prevent metallic ping 3) reduce/eliminate hollow sounds aka hollow clay pot sound 4) some theories exist that it also dampens higher pitched sounds more vs lower pitched sounds thus creating a deeper tone. PE foam is a relatively newer thing popularized by Owlabs with the Jelly. It creates a poppy almost marbly sound to the board. PE foam, based on my testing purely modifies the sound structure and has no material impact on the 4 things regular foam does.

Regular foam: plate foam goes between pcb and plate

Case foam goes below pcb, above top case

PE foam goes between PCB and the switches themselves


Q: You have a CCPA/GDPR opt out notice.  Do you sell my info?

A:  We do not sell your info.  We put the opt out notice up because, to our understanding, it is required by law.