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black lotus lubed linear switch
Durock Black Lotus Linear Switches (20 pack)
Durock Black Lotus Linear Switches (20 pack)
Durock Black Lotus Linear Switches (20 pack)
durock black lotus linear switch close up
Durock Black Lotus Linear Switches (20 pack)

Durock Black Lotus Linear Switches (20 pack)

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Black Lotus linear keyboard switches are made in new molds with tighter tolerances resulting in a switch with less stem wobble. These switches also feature a removable light column and a special POM long pole for optimized sound performance.

    Key Features:

    • Prioritizing Smoothness: Designed with an extended POM stem and refined manufacturing processes aimed at minimizing stem wobble for an ultra-smooth keystroke.
    • Thocky Sound: A deeper, more satisfying sound signature compared to many high-pitched linears.
    • Build Quality: Constructed with durable materials and attention to detail for long-lasting, consistent performance.
    • Switch Type: linear
    • Top Housing: Modified PC and UPE Blend
    • Bottom Housing: Nylon
    • Stem: Modified Long Pole POM
    • Pre-travel: 2mm
    • Total  travel: 4mm
    • Actuation force: 55g
    • Bottom out: 63.5g

    Who They're Well-Suited For:

    • Smoothness Enthusiasts: If you prioritize a typing and gaming experience with minimal friction, these switches could be ideal.
    • Deeper Sound Lovers: Those who prefer a lower-pitched 'thocky' sound signature may appreciate these switches.

    Important Notes:

    • Sold in packs of 20
    • Available unlubed or factory lubed