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Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
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Drop Alt sound dampening keyboard foam set
Drop Alt sound dampening keyboard foam set
Drop Alt sound dampening keyboard foam set
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Drop Alt sound dampening keyboard foam set

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Transform your Drop Alt keyboard with our custom-designed case and plate foam set.

This precision-cut foam set is specifically engineered to enhance the sound of your Drop Alt keyboard. Made from high-quality foam, it effectively dampens unwanted noise, resulting in a deeper, thockier sound. Additionally, the foam reduces metallic spring ping, creating a cleaner, more satisfying typing experience.

Here are the key benefits of using our Drop Alt case and plate foam set:

  • Deeper, richer bass sound: Experience a more immersive and satisfying typing experience with reduced high-pitched tones.
  • Reduced case ping: Eliminate distracting metallic high pitched for a cleaner and quieter soundscape.
  • Precise fit: Our custom-designed foam pieces ensure a perfect fit for your Drop Alt keyboard, with both low-profile and high-profile versions available.

Case and plate foam for the Drop Alt keyboard.  Works for both the low profile and high profile version.

4mm or 3mm plate foam

3mm case foam

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