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GMK/EPBT/MT3/KAT/SA spacebar mixed set

Regular price $10.50 $0.00 Unit price per

NOTE!  I'm trying a new way of managing my inventory and avoiding having a million SKU's on my website.  Each single spacebar foam is now listed at $10.50, but will AUTODISCOUNT to $7 per GMK/EPBT/MT3/KAT and $9 for SA if you buy at least 3.  What this functionally means is that, yes, if you want to pay $10.50 per set for a single set of GMK/EPBT/MT3/KAT or $12.50 for a single set of SA spacebar foam, you can. 

Each set comes with 1x 6.25u foam and 1x7u foam, so each three pack will come with 3x6.25u and 3x7u foams.  

GMK/EPBT/MT3/KAT  6mm thick, but cut to incorporate the posts and ridges in each design so that the foam sits flush to the bottom surface of the bar. 

SA 10mm thick

Please refer to the individual product pages for photos and build albums.  

Note: there are compatible with cherry style PCB mount stabilizers only (without modification).  Plate mount stabilizers have little "fingers" that stick up around the stems that interfere with the foam.  Not compatible with Costar stabilizers.