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Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
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GMMK Pro case and plate foam
GMMK Pro case and plate foam
GMMK Pro case and plate foam
StupidFish Designs

GMMK Pro case and plate foam

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Elevate your GMMK Pro typing experience with our precision-cut case and plate foams. Now with an ANSI Flex kit option

Our foams are designed to upgrade the sound of your GMMK Pro Keyboard.

Key benefits of using our GMMK Pro foams:

  • Enhanced acoustics: Reduces hollowness and unwanted reverberations, creating a deeper, thockier, and more pleasing sound profile.
  • Reduced case ping: Eliminate distracting metallic high pitched for a cleaner and quieter soundscape.
  • Perfect fit: Designed specifically for the GMMK Pro with careful tolerances for a secure fit.


How do I choose between 3mm and 4mm? 

DO NOT USE PE FOAM WITH 4MM!  Will the world end?  No, but we STRONGLY advise against this.  

As many of you are aware, the GMMK Pro's gasket mount is super compressed so the board has a VERY firm typing feel.  Normally, for a firm board like this where standoffs between PCB and plate are basically mandatory, I'd suggest using 4mm plate foam to suppress plate ping. 

However, I tried something I'll call semi-float mounting the board:  I removed the bottom gaskets that attached to the case and removed the two internal standoffs, and let the PCB "float" on the case foam.  I left the two side gaskets on the bottom, which support the PCB, and all the top gaskets. The case foam keeps enough upward pressure on the PCB/plate assembly that the points at which the plate is gasket mounted actually do NOT touch the bottom of the gasket area (without the gasket) under normal typing conditions and, at least in my opinion, leads to a less harsh typing experience.  Doing this with 3mm, in my experience, adds flex back to the board.  Yes, you can also float mount with 4mm foam, if you so choose.  

Also, if you are using the polycarbonate plate or one of the AVXWorks FR4 plates, we similarly suggest using the 3mm version.