Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
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Thanksgiving Update

Hey Everyone, 

Hope you all are healthy and safe.  Been a wild month and a half since the website opened.  First and foremost, thank you for all your support.  The best part of this little project is hearing from fellow keyboard enthusiasts.  Without you all, I wouldn't be doing this.  

Obviously have added a bunch of new keyboards models (savage65, brutal60, obliterated75, Canoe gen2, etc), spacebar profiles, and even a few accessories to the site.  

As far as things to expect in the near future, the ID80 and, hopefully, the Rama U80A will be coming soon.  Also, planning on stocking Durock v2 stabs in the store and looking into offering keyswitch openers and, perhaps, stem holders.  

Love to hear from all of you, please feel free to drop me a message with any ideas, requests, or even a word of encouragement.  



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