Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
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October 2021 Update - Happy Birthday!

Hey everyone,


Back on October 3rd, we celebrated the first birthday of the StupidFish website.  This has been a wonderful, challenging, and wild experience.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this, including those first 10 people who took a chance on my kbd67mkii case foams, all the people who have kindly loaned me their boards to design for, the folks who offered encouragement and advice along the way (literally hundreds of you), and the kind people who randomly send me emails of gratitude.  Words can't express my immense gratitude.  



We're working on a bunch of new boards, including the Keychron Q1, Rama U80A, Ikki Aurora, Leaf65, Fuji65, Mr Suit, and others that are slipping my mind as I write this.  We've also successfully tested and prototyped ESD protected PE foam and are hoping to be able to launch this soon.  

We've been working on a few other projects and are hoping to be able to share them with you all soon. 

Hope you all are staying healthy and safe.  

Thanks again,





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