Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
Welcome to StupidFish Designs!
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April 2nd Update

"Hey Fish, do me a favor, update your website.  I'm tired of reading about Thanksgiving" 

My friend had a point, I haven't updated this in way too long.  I'll try to do update at least slightly more frequently going forward. 

What a wild ride these past four months have been.  I'm unbelievably grateful for all the support shown for my little shop by the community.  Please believe me when I say this:  the best part of this whole project is receiving a message out of the blue from someone who is happy with how their board sounds and feels.  

As far as updates on current and future projects, we're currently working on foams for the GMMK Pro, Candybar, U80A, and Rama Thermal.  In the future, ID80, E7V2, Fuji65 and a Drop Shift are all planned.  We're also working on spacebar foams for geekart keycaps.  

We'll be adding durock plate mounted stabilizers, the smokey versions of the Durock v2 stabilizers, stem holders, and premium keycap pullers in the near future.  Expect the product list to continue to expand.  

As I type this, we're now offering shipping to around 10 different countries and continuing to expand that.  It is humbling to see packages going to four different continents and a wonderful reminder of how global this hobby is.  

Hope you all and your families are healthy and safe.  

All the best,


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